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Welcome To Anu Simh Nine Arms of Wellness

  • Are you tired of chasing your symptoms like fatigue, excess weight, aches and pains, poor digestion ?
  • Are you tired of side effects from the medications you are on to alleviate these symptoms?
  • Are you looking for natural solutions to your problems?
  • Do you want to stop getting the run around and learn to trust that your body is an amazing machine that will do what it is meant to do with a little bit of guidance?
  • Are you tired of feeling guilty about what you have or have NOT eaten throughout the day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past to be healthy, I know Optimal Health can be yours!

Start Here!

Are you ready to feel vibrant in your body finally experience the benefits of Optimal Health?

Then you’re in the right place. No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I know you can finally have the health you desire!

Let Me Show You How

I specialize in working with individuals (just like you!) who believe Optimal Health is their birthright and I help them claim it. I do this by taking them through my Nine Arms of Wellness program that is based on getting to the root of the problem instead of chasing symptoms. Regardless of the symptom, be it weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, or digestive distress we can get to the bottom of it by figuring out the root cause.

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My Story

This is why I’m passionate about supporting you claim your optimal Health. Your problems and symptoms may be different from the ones I struggled with but the feeling of Vibrant Health and living a life that allows you to participate in all the activities you love like golf, working out at the gym, running, hiking, walking your dog or just fitting into your favorite pair of jeans is universal.

90 Day Optimal Health Coaching

My 90 Day optimal health coaching focuses on getting you to know your body better. You and I will work together in a therapeutic partnership to figure out the best diet and lifestyle for you.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Optimal Health Activation Session! During this session we’ll discuss your vision for your health, some of the obstacles that stand in your way, and how I can help you feel your best in a natural, sustainable way without a myriad of medications.

Schedule your FREE 30 min Optimal Health Activation Session!


What Our Clients Say

  • I approached Anu about 6 months ago because I was tired of struggling with the weight I had gained over the years and I wanted to get healthy. Working with Anu I have lost over 28 lbs, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol through diet and lifestyle modifications. I have learned healthy ways to cook for myself. The most significant change I have noticed is my increased energy. The best thing about working with Anu is she is always available for her clients and helps us find answers. Today I am more aware of my health and how a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle has affected my health positively. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anu.

    Priscilla M. Avatar
    Priscilla M.
  • When I first reached out to Anu I was mentally sluggish, overmedicated for my thyroid condition and was struggling with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Within 60 days my A1 c went down from 5.7 to 5.3 and I was able to get off the medication . The most significant overall change that people in my life noticed is weight loss of over 40 pounds. I was thrilled with my general wellbeing that included smoother skin and no more headaches. The best thing I loved about working with Anu is she educates you , always helps you understand the why behind any suggestions. I have learned lifelong habits that are now a mindless routine- second nature! There is so much value in working with Anu . I would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone. I loved that there was nothing canned about her approach to my specific needs and her passion for her client’s well being is so obvious.

    Gayle F. Avatar
    Gayle F.
  • I instantly felt safe working with Anu, she was extremely caring, vigilant, and adaptive to my non-vegan lifestyle and personal goals and needs. She listened to my concerns and helped me find the root of what was causing me such severe pain and discomfort. I highly recommend Anu if you would like to gain clarity, knowledge and regain control over your body as a whole. I am grateful for the experience and awareness.

    Molly W. Avatar
    Molly W.
  • Understanding that I can use food to heal myself was an incredibly powerful realization and put me in control of my own health. Anu will specialize a program just for you and gently, respectfully, and very lovingly move you in the direction of the health and well being you desire and deserve.

    Celeste T. Avatar
    Celeste T.
  • I have learned a truly healthy way to eat and to create an enjoyable life long lifestyle, which was my goal! I not only feel better, but I have also seen NOTABLE IMPROVEMENTS IN MY METABOLISM with RESULTING IN WEIGHT LOSS. The bonus is that Anu has been a pleasure to work with in this whole process, and I GLADLY RECOMMEND HER to friends and colleagues!

    Rachel S. Avatar
    Rachel S.
  • In my busy Pilates studio I always talk to my clients about their overall wellbeing. When I feel that they might need some extra help with their diet, I am very happy to refer them to Anu Simh since I know that she will care for them as much as I do and that they WILL BENEFIT ENORMOUSLY from her WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE. She is thorough with her research and KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT BOTH TRADITIONAL and NEW METHODS to reach optimum health. She is intuitive about the underlying reasons for their issues and couples that with a scientific approach to getting them well. There are many strings to Anu’s bow and one of these is being an excellent cook. If you only learnt some of her recipes you would already be well on the way to eating healthily and feeling cleaner from the inside out. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANU.

    Fiona A. Avatar
    Fiona A.
  • When I met Anu I felt tired, fat and sluggish. My cholesterol and A1 C were both high. Since I’ve seen Anu, (3 months), both my cholesterol and A1C have lowered significantly. I feel so much lighter in my body! I HAVE MORE ENERGY! I'VE LOST 10lbs! My belly is flatter and I don’t feel bloated. I wanted a lifestyle change and I feel Anu fulfilled that completely. She takes into thought my complete life and my goals and integrates everything I want into a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR ME. I am so impressed with her knowledge, education, approach and how wonderful it is to work with her. She is worth talking to! She even gives a 30 minute FREE consultation! You have nothing to lose (but a few pounds haha!) so schedule your 30 min consultation today ! My experience with Anu has been a great one. I have gained so much knowledge about my nutrition, food and how it affects my body. Every person who cares about their health should go see her. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!

    Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.
  • I was struggling with Constipation, weight gain, concern over high fat vs low fat foods and a pending kidney donation when I reached out to Anu. I lost 16 LBS, have a far more regular digestion, a stable protocol of supplements, a successful kidney donation and a commitment to healthy eating. The most significant thing I noticed in my work with Anu is my healing has vastly improved because of a healed gut and lowered inflammation. Anu is positive, kind and has an endless knowledge of the human body. I’m glad I’ve dispelled incorrect myths about protein and trust I can get adequate protein from eating plant based. I would recommend Anu wholeheartedly. She has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent teacher.

    Sandra Avatar
  • I am excited to share my journey to health and happiness! I met Anu at a business meeting and was instantly captivated by her. She looked healthy, feminine, and beautiful, I on the other hand sat there in my chair with overwhelming fatigue. I imagined what life would be like to be her. I wanted her energy and light! My name is Kelly Clifford, I am a 43 years old and I am a hairdresser. My energy level was in the tanks. My diet was awful, eating a lot of processed food. Hamburgers, burritos, etc. Worse off I had no groceries in my fridge. My fight or flight mentality had me eating on the run all the time. The repercussion of living that way caused complete disruption in my body. I wasn’t enjoying food or my body I was swollen and constipated all the time. I once told Anu if I can poop everyday I would consider that a miracle. Anu taught me about food. Whole natural food. Greens, proteins, and how to take time for myself to eat slowly and mindfully. Since following Anu’s program I have learned to use food as fuel and stop eating things that cause inflammation in my body. I am happy to say I now drink 72 ounces of water and my food choices are completely healthier. Her coaching and teachings helped pave the way for a brighter future with endurance! I must add I now poop every morning! I am super grateful I met Anu and will hold her in high regard as a teacher on my journey!

    Kelly C. Avatar
    Kelly C.
  • When I started with Anu, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to work on other than I wanted some guidance and also wanted to know if my gut was overall healthy. The biggest achievement for me was realizing caffeine wasn’t good for me. I also stopped using coffee mate creamer altogether which was a huge accomplishment!! I don’t feel as jittery and stressed now that I’ve stayed away from most caffeine. This has continued to improve I’ve noticed. I’m also able to tolerate fiber without any issues now. It became clear as we worked together that I wasn’t getting enough in my diet. Now I try to be conscientious of it. Anu is very caring and generous. She’d always check in on me to see how I was doing. She also shared the most yummy recipes that I continue to cook and add to my diet every week. The most fun we had was when she came over and we prepped and cooked together. It’s amazing how much you can learn by watching someone else in the kitchen. She’s a real pro.She was a wonderful resource for certain supplements. She’d give me specific brands that she’d researched and It really simplifies the confusion with there being so many products out there.I would absolutely recommend Anu. It will be life changing

    Lori L. Avatar
    Lori L.
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